June 29, 2013

SYTYCD - Season 10 Ep. 9

I know I'm a little behind in getting this episode up, and in my defense I've been super busy these past few days and also I have to feel into it in order to really get into the episode. But here it is!

1. Oh this opening sequence is fun!
2. I love this music
3. Wait are they actually singing to it?
5. I love these red shoes they're all wearing
6. Dang Jasmine went aaaalll out.
8. Cat is just my favorite. favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite.
8. Holey moley that baby is adorable
10. I like it when Wayne Brady judges, he's a boss
11. Wait what happened to her feet?I mean teeth. What happened to her teeth?
12. That beginning thing was weird, she didn't land it well.
13. She needs more energy in her feet
14. Ok his slide flip was super cool
15. That last kiss/push thing wasn't my favorite
16. Okay now I want cucumbers
17. This is why I love Wayne Brady
18. I feel like Mariah's face is plastic when she smiles like that
19. How does Cat even remember all of these numbers? I hope there's a prompter because that's crazy
20. Cat lover? I want to be her new best friend
21. What. This is not okay. Blind folds? Uuuuuhhhh
22. The whole world of eye related humor, and you choose "wait and see?"
23. She is so graceful I want to die
34. Oh my goodness my heart just crumbled
35. Wayne gets me. I never worried about them falling over, they were just perfect
36. Everything Wayne just said is how I feel. Why do I even bother doing this? He just said it all
37. Oh poor Nigel
38. Jasmine is even better than a butterfly. She's like as graceful as a cool summer breeze
39. Okay that was a weird comparison but whatever
40. Oh I dunno about this pairing....
41. I love story dancing
42. Okay I loved how they hit every pulse with a sharp movement, it was so synchronized and sharp I loved that
43. Jade did a lot better than I thought he would, it was super mature too
44. Just take everything that Wayne Brady says as my thoughts. Because we are synced
45. One point, I felt like this music and style of dance was just super different than the concept of the dance, the whole classic movie star story, and I don't think they pulled off the clashing concepts very well
46. Oh Tucker, Merman? You're amazingly nerdy and I love it
47. I think they're gonna be a super couple
48. Hahaha I love how dance teachers use funny sounds to describe what they're saying!
49. Team Tuna? Yeah I knew they were gonna be my favorite
51. How many times do I have to say that Wayne Brady is amazing? Basically every time probably
53. Cat is probably my favorite host of any show ever
54. I just like the name of this style.... afro jazz
55. Holy sexy. This dance is so animalistic and sexy
56. This is so Tarzan and Jane <3
57. "You have the motherland in you" - Wayne Brady everyone
58. Nigel knows what's up
60. Nico is the hottest dancer on there
61. Oh Nico, boys have swag, men have class 
62. Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico
63. I agree with Nigel though, it wasn't down and dirty like I wanted it to be
64. Did she just hit him in the face?
65. Love this song!
66. Love the use of the umbrella
67. They're certainly doing better than I thought they would, but I just don't feel like she's in character enough
68. Oh dear. Sonja. She scares me
69. She always does swampy, ugh it freaks me out
70. They obviously look like a power house couple, but I guess we'll see
71. Her splits at the end where amazing
72. "Man, you are a sexy cat"
73. "Jasmine, where were you when I was 20?"
74. I just died from laughing, holy cow. Wayne Brady
75. Nigel you old creepy man, talking about her legs....
77. Haha Cat says "H" like a British person; "Haysh"
78. Kiss of Death? You mean, Like a dementor? Daaaaaaaaaaang
80. Holy Crow Curtis has got those sexy moves
81. OOh yes, it was stunning and smoking hot
82. I just love that in reality Haley and Curtis are super dorky in real life, but that dancing was amazing!
83. His lip smacking made me really happy
84. Cat just said it all
85. I've mention my love for Fiction before on this show right? Cause it's real
86. I don't even know how to think right now
87. I think Sonja is crying
88. Everyone got the chills Cat, don't worry
89. My heart is in his hands. My heart is in his hands. 
91. They are my favorite couple, they just are. It just is. 
93. Ugh I just love you Fiction

For the record, if I could vote I would vote for Tucker for the boy, and Jasmine H for the girl (H? I think it was Jasmine H... the girl who moves like the wind and has fantastically curly hair. That Jasmine)
Normally I would vote for Fiction, but I just think that he's super secure in the show right now, so I want to support some other dancer. And Tucker is definitely my second favorite.



June 25, 2013

DIY Laptop Sleeve

Hey there! Many of you may have seen me post on facebook, twitter, instagram whatever, that I made a laptop cover for my new Macbook Air! And as promised, here is the tutorial + some basic tips and tricks.

In case you didn't catch the link up there ^^^ just click here for the full tutorial from Design Sponge
But in this post I'll include my own tips and things you should probably know before starting this tutorial for yourself.

I got my fabric at JoAnn's fabric store, in the other tutorials I've seen online they've just used a thicker material that would provide a lot of protection - such as wool - and they always have a liner for the inside. Personally I wanted to make my cover look a little more Vera Bradley, so I opted for quilting material. Which is thick, as requested by the tutorials, and quilting fabrics are two sided so you don't have to buy several different fabrics if you don't want too. 
In my case I just bought one yard of the quilting fabric you see above, although I might have been able to do it for 3/4 of a yard. But this way I have enough extra fabric to do something interesting with! (If I ever get off my lazy butt that is...) 

I followed the pattern to the letter. At first I was worried because the quilting fabric looked so much thicker than the wool they used in their pictures, but eventually I was like, "Screw it. I'm doing this." And I promise you it worked out fine. 
I cut out 4 pieces of fabric to the exact dimensions they tell you to (Tip #1 - make sure you cut the fabric EXACTLY. I did it a little wonky and it caused me grief in the next steps)
The first challenge is the zipper, my zipper was about 14-15 inches long I believe, which was just a little shy of my measurements for my fabric, so I opted to put the zipper at the shorter end of the case instead of the long way (opposite of what they did in the tutorial, but it really doesn't make a difference).
Tip #2 - when aligning the zipper, it's okay if it doesn't completely come to the edge/corners of your material. I was a little worried about that but It turned out to be not a big deal.

This is what the seams look like on the zipper when I was all done with that part. Honestly I should be receiving awards right now for this zipper - it's kind of amazing.

At this point, I was so relieved that I got that zipper in and it was working, that I kinda sorta maybe just a little bit raced through the ending and ended up with a weird mess of fabric that I somehow contorted into a proper case. 
Tip #3 - When sewing up the lining and exterior fabrics, make sure to read the directions VERY CAREFULLY. I just sorta skimmed and then did stuff. It was whatever, but I kind of wish I had been more careful about sewing up onto the edge of the zipper, because there's a little hole in mine where the zipper ends sometimes stick out.

This is the side seam when I was done sewing both the lining and the exterior, and finally flipped it right side out.

My laptop fits in it perfectly! 
Tip #4 - Keep on using your laptop to make sure that the seams aren't too tight, or too close together so that the rectangle shape you make is too small for your laptop! The tutorial doesn't give you an exact inch mark to start the seam at, so it's really up to you!

 It's a good thing you can't see it, but I will tell you, that the right side of the lining is completely not sewed. I just stuffed it in there without sewing it, and I am totally not ashamed to say that.

The inside fabric/lining/other side of the quilted fabric.

Note: I am literally a beginner sewer. Like you may think I'm just saying that, but seriously. I started this with absolutely no knowledge. Sure I've made the occasional pajama bottoms, pillowcase, etc, but it's been such a long time that I didn't even know what a bobbin was when I started this project. My mother and my sister had to teach me most of the set up at the beginning because I am completely hopeless. So if I can do this, you can do this. Cross my heart and hope to die. 

The completed project!
Please excuse my crazy eyes, it was a little late and I was a little excited about finishing the case.


June 22, 2013

Let's Get Inspired

I feel like I haven't written in forever, not that there has been much to write about, but still. It's been a few days.

I have to admit something. I have a Pinterest addiction - I feel like I should probably join some kind of meeting group or something, "Hi my name is Madison, and I'm a Pinterest addict."
I'm sure one of those exist somewhere!
But I was on Pinterest the other day, mainly looking at quotes because I was feelin' in the mood for some inspiration. I've printed some of them out and stuck them on the wall next to my bed so I can see them everyday. 

Here are some of the ones I printed and some of the ones I didn't print but wanted to;

I hope you get inspired and maybe use some of these quotes to make your own inspiration wall!


June 19, 2013

SYTYCD - Season 10 Ep 8

This is happening! This is happening! It's happening! It's happening!
Welcome back! Sit down, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the reveal of the Top 20 on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!?
ps. I know you don't spell Friction like the actual writing subject, but it's the quicker way for me so I can get all all my thoughts out quickly... so deal with it.

1. Oh please stop. That double door entry was just so cheesy I was ashamed. 
3. Why is that walk so long? Like, do they want you to be winded at the end of that walk? It's more like a small hike.
4. Why does Cat always look soooo stunning!? SPARKLE.
5. Girlfriend you are a disco ball of british awesomeness
6. Oh Adam
7. WAIT THAT'S WHY I JUST SAID. Adam and I are connected. Our spirits are aligned.
8. I want Cat's wardrobe. Just like, aaaaaaall of it. 
9. IF Fiction doesn't make it - I'm going to stop watching this show. It's over for me.
11. I love how they all feel so happy for him, like, they appreciate that he got in. Not even thinking about themselves.
12. I don't remember what this guy does, Marcus? 
13. She's in - I'm calling it right now.
14. I cannot take my eyes off of Friction, like he is just beautiful in everything he does.
15. He is literally smoother than butter. He is the human butter.
16. Haha Cat has so much energy! I missed her so much!
17. That was good advice, he really needs that in order to get farther in the competition - because I really want him to get ahead.
18. Haha I love her, we are twins
19. Ok she is suuuch a cryer. Pretty much every time she's on camera she is crying
20. I wonder if they know how many people are already in?
21. Nico is so cute, what a hotty with a body
22. Oh I like that cute pairing thing at the end, Mackenzie is so gracefully adorable.
23. I like how the color scheme of the dance, black and white, plus the dresses are adorable
24. I think the slow-mo action at the end is a mixture of hilarious and beautiful
25. Ok now he's making me cry
26. MACKENZIE IS PERFECT. Adam  said it. It's official.
27. I swear Nigel has a foot fetish, he is obsessed.
28. She's so sassy I love it
29. Finally Nigel reads my mind
30. I think if Curtis starts weeping again I think I'm going to need a box of tissues
32. Haha Curtis, "for real!?" No, they're joking.
33. This poor guy, why do I get the feeling he's not going to make it
34. Yeah no. He's not making it
35. I hope he goes back, because he really is amazing
36. wait. what. 
37. This is fate. 
38. Ugh, that awkward hand things this girl does whenever she's tapping bothers me so much
39. I just want to tape her hand to her leg
40. Cat is just the best person ever at expressing what I'm thinking - I should just let her do all of my talking
41. Although I don't know how she wears those shoes the whole show, my feet would be crying
42. Cat has just reached a new level of perfection. Her outfit has pockets. YEEEEEEEEEES
43. Honestly I don't like either of the animators
44. "take a lap take a lap take a lap take a lap take a lap!"
45. Besides the creepy mannequins that were moving at the very end, that was probably the coolest dance they've ever had on this show.
46. oh. Mary. No Mary. Stop Mary.That was all wrong
47. Oh you charmer you
49. Oh please, please please please please please
50. I just think she is perfect
51. Chairs. Nice.
52. I could not even think during that whole dance. I was just mesmerized. 
53. And I love the fact that they were both crying because I was crying
54. Adam is so right, every time this choreographer does a dance I just end up so emotionally drained
55. I love happy news, it just makes me want to jump for joy!
56. Stop. Two brothers? That's just cruel. This is just miserable
57. Oh this is gonna be good
58. I loved that little switch partners thing
59. Oh Adam, you are always short and sweet
60. His hair. Holy crow I just want to cut it ALL off. EW CUT THAT RAT OFF OF YOUR HEAD
61. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH - that was a summary of what just happened between Nigel and Mary - oh my gosh they make me cry from laughter
62. Did I mention that Sonja scares me? Cause she reaaaaallyy scares me
63. Like what even was that. I dunno. It was just weird. Weird to the max.
64. "Amy you are AMAZING" - he just jumped like a little bobble doll, he really loves Amy!
65. Oh yes. This will be perfect.
66. STORY! I looooove story dancing
67. Wait do they actually have piles of sand?
68. Oh this music is epic to the max
69. I wish they were more synced, but it's their first dance... they'll get the hang of it
70. Christopher Scott you are a genius
71. "And when I die, I would like you to dance with my ashes like that" - I concur. 
72. Haha Nigel, Mary, and Adam are such children
74. love the hands already
75. Oh they are sooooo synced it's amazing
76. Aaaaaaaand this song is so inappropriate - toooo much edginess
77. "I don't know, I'm just guessing, but I think you let them have it. You served it up." Oh Cat
78. Nigel sounds so disappointed 
79. Oh Nigel, staaahp. Noooooo
80. Her earrings look like banana's 
81. She is literally in my nightmares
82. I like the parenthesis (Epic Dub)
83. I needed to watch that dance 3 times before I fully comprehended the intenseness and grace of that piece - favorite Sonja piece EVER
84. Cat just called me gorgeous. Day made. 

Watching these guys go at it makes me super hungry.
Time to grab some grub...


June 12, 2013

Tornado Warnings and Summer Storms

If anyone out there ever watches the news, you might have caught sight of the weather broadcastings. Then again maybe not. But if you did, you may have seen a very angry looking red covering the midwest region? Yeah. That's me. *waves hello*

Today was uneventful until after work, with the sun occasionally peaking out at us through the clouds. Unfortunately said clouds were not happy pretty summer clouds that are white and fluffy and make funny shapes that may or may not be construed as different animals, these were dark black surly clouds that threaten with their ominous presence.

It got worse as mom and I began to make dinner, thunder rumbled and the occasional lightning strike lit up the blackened sky, but this had happened before. Just a storm. No big deal.

So I went off to pick my grandma up from the nail salon, and on my way out of the parking lot my mom calls me sounding a little frantic, which is very strange for to be - she's normally this really cool, level headed person and very in control. So that worried me off the bat. She said that the tornado sirens by our house had just gone off and she wanted us to stay in the store for a little while - weeeelll too late for that. But I was only about 10 minutes away from home with the commuters traffic so I could just hurry home right? Let me tell you I have never been so scared for my life as I was driving home. It wasn't even really the other cars, it was the pelting rain. It hit the car like bullets - with the occasional golf ball sized hail thrown in the mix. I was literally leaning with my chin over the steering wheel trying to see through the rain and onto the road. 

You know how sometimes you see lightning and then a huge clap of thunder follows a little while later? Yeah no. That didn't happen. The thunder and lightning came at the same time - one illuminating the sky and causing momentary blindness, the other making the car, and therefore my whole body, shake and rumble with it. It was the scariest thing of my life. I just kept on praying, "Heavenly Father please let me get home in one peace, please don't let lightning hit this car, please please pleeeaaaaaaase."
Thank heavens it worked.

And then, finally, the rain calmed and the lightning moved and the thunder wasn't so shocking anymore. Also thankfully, none of my family was killed in the making of that storm.

June 11, 2013

SYTYCD, Season 10 Ep. 7

Yes. This is in fact happening.
There is a blog I really love that does a commentary on her favorite reality TV show, The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. I've tried to do the same kind of thing watching Psych episodes, but it doesn't give you the same feel. But I finally found a reality TV show I OBSESS over to make this new segment work!
Episodes to So You Think You Can Dance are every Tuesday night, the only problem is that I usually end up working at Jamba on Tuesdays, so my reviews will have to come out later than the episode. But I'm going to try my hardest to make this work because I love this idea! And this show! Seriously, I have cried, laughed, and danced with this show for a long time. It is the best competition on reality TV out there, I pinky promise.
So here goes!

2. I feel like packing for Vegas competition would be super hard. And did they really just get there after being on the plane for who knows how long?
3. Jason? Really? He doesn't even really dance. I hope he knows what he's talking about it.
3. Dang this first girl has great body movement. I wish I could flip like that!
4. I feel like it would be easier to go first, no one else to compare you too
5. Yeah Malese! I really like her, she's just too cute!
6. BED FLIP Shoot I'd be scared to break my neck
7. I want to see who they've been cutting...
8. WHAT!? That's his DAD!? Man his dad is sure a looker. Man dime!
9. I thought he was gonna get cut, I mean I feel really bad for him, but he didn't stand out to me with his dance moves.
10. I like her, she's super positive!
11. Wait. Fiction or Friction? 
12. oh. my. gosh. shut up. Don't holler while he's dancing!
13. He looks like he's walking on butter. Smooth melted butter.
14. TIPTOES, oh Nigel likes that
15. Standing! woot woot!
16. It IS Fiction! I feel like Friction would make more sense with the whole dance thing. But you know, whatever.
17. Lil Nasty. That's the way I like it
18. Tantrums? Will I be seeing tantrums soon? Fingers crossed
19. Is it bad to say that I didn't want crazy hair dude to go through
20. Mongolian bowl dancing lady did REALLY well, they better let her through for that
22. Sonja legitimately scares me. Partly because of her lip ring, and also just generally everything about her.
23. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Dying. -- can we all see why this so is scary good?
24. Armon. Noooooooo. What are you doing!?
25. Wait. No. NOT OKAY. Malese is my favorite!
26. I didn't know Hannah Simone was a dance enthusiast?
27. Wah Nigel!? That's only because Sonja is a crazy freak perfectionist weirdo!
28. Oh yeah, this is really good, that will be hard to beat
29. Wait he's so cuuuuuuute
30. Question, how do these girls wearing little bandeau bra's keep their boobs from falling out?
31. Girl please. I'm taller than basically every boy I've ever met. Get over it.
32. Oh they're awkward, I'd like it better if they were synced, but he's just flingy with his arms.
33. Wait it sounds like Nigel is gonna cry
34. Ok cocky
35. I really do like her, and she's totally beating herself up waaaay too much.
36. Oh come on girl! I wish I could call her right now and slap her silly, YOU CANNOT DROP OUT OF THIS COMPETITION
37. Oh dear, she sounds really timid right now
39. This dance doesn't look so hard, they make it look soooooo easy
41. So why doesn't she look happy?
42. This just got sooo dramatic, and Nigel officially hates this poor guy
44. I mean I can see that she wasn't going to get very far, but I'm really upset still because you can just tell she's one of the sweetest people in the world
45. Ok here comes this cocky dude. Seriously though that comment earlier just pissed me off
46. Also this music is uber weird
47. Crap he's getting through. They all love him.
49. I love how a lot of dance is based off of chemistry. Like if you're chemistry is off it doesn't matter how good you are -- which can also kindof suck
50. I have a major hard crush on Fiction. I get butterflies every time he walks on the stage
51. Two all nighters!? Whaaaaaaaat this takes so much energy. I would die.
52. Doesn't anybody every sleep in the competition!? I mean, that's just basically what I do all day
53. He didn't say whether that was 5am or 5pm.... not cool
54. Boston - they better make this good for boston
55. That was just beautiful, you really know it's special and real when the dancers themselves are crying. They connect so well and everything was so fluid
56. It's going to be really hard to top that
57. Fiction is just so cute! Even when he claims to be grumpy
58. Oh that line-up was super weird
59. Agreed, it was a hooooot mess
60. I hope they let a couple dancer through. Not Derrick. I don't like Derrick.
61. If you don't love Fiction at this point, you are a messed up human being
62. Ok Mariia, the point of this is to dance. Get over yourself and dance the freaking dance
63. But really how much time did these individual interviews take? Cause that's probably a whole chunk of their practice time
64. Oh I like this beginning, the chairs was a REALLY good idea
65. That was genius, it all worked out perfectly!
66. Holy Crow all of these people are so good I don't think anyone is going to get cut. Ever.
67. That flip behind the group of dancers was messy, you couldn't get the full impact 
68. Wait wait wait wait wait. The SONG was juvenile, that's just how it was! Not fair
69. Daaaaaang he has aaaaabs
70. I hope Friction can pull this off. Because i love him.
71. Haha I love how dancers use weird sound effects to describe their moves tooooo funny!
72. I love Jennifer! CURLY HAIR UNITE! 
74. NOOOOOOOO I loved her! I want to meet her in real life and give her a huge hug. One that just says, everything will be all right and I think you're amazing
75. That girl in pink was reaaaally going at it
76. Ok cocky dude ain't so cocky! So cocky
78. From what I saw, tapper Curtis was MUCH better than cocky dude.
79. He is having real issues right now
81. I was legitimately crying right then
82. I still can't get over Nigel
84. Nigel your tears will not make up for your previous actions.
86. That was not okay Nigel. not. okay.
87. Dang their battle faces were just tooo much battle
88. How do you even judge a winner from that? I don't even know
89. Ugh. I do NOT like Jade. GO AWAAAAAAY
90. Whaaaaat the heck is that skirt thing she is wearing
91. I don't get the feeling that he has a bad attitude, he seems like a really humble person. But then again edits take out sooo much it's so annoying
92. Party? What about sleeeeeep? Cause that's what I would be doing

In fact I think I'll go to sleep right now


Chicago Weather Makes Me Cry

The high for today was 86 degrees. And let me tell you, it was perfect. Just absolutely gorgeous. The list of words to describe the gloriousness of the weather includes, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, perfect, smoldering, beautiful, etc etc etc.
Unfortunately I work all day.


Kristen wasn't such a fan of work today either.

Fortunately, I did get a good 20 minutes of sunlight in during lunch, when Kristen and I went outside and sat in the gloriousness, soaking up the heat and happiness before returning to the prison known as "work."
Unfortunately, the moment we got out of work I was planning on hitting the pool, soaking up more sun, and reading my book (another Georgette Heyer. It's an addiction. I'm seeing a therapist), it started pouring rain. And I mean POURING rain. It was coming down in buckets, washing my dreams down the drain as it came. 

Our little trike that's too small for any normal human being to ride was sitting out in the rain. Who knows why...
But I mean, it was cute and "bloggery" so I snapped a picture, casual blogger life. So to take advantage of the rain, I decided to throw on my new pink raincoat and wellies and stand outside in the rain for a little while. Because there's something really satisfying about standing in the rain, feeling it pelt you, and not getting wet. Ooooh so satisfying.
Then of course, the rain suddenly stops. And the sun comes out, and birds are singing, and children are laughing and playing, and I'm just standing in my house all miserable with my raincoat and wellies on, with no rain in sight.

Chicago weather makes me want to cry.


June 10, 2013

Summer Fun Has Begun

As we all know, Summer Fun has OFFICIALLY BEGUN.
And that means a lot of things.
Here is my summer bucket list;
1. Go to the Beach
2. Watch the Sun Set while having a picnic. Preferably on a hill
3. Tye Dye T-shirts! Summer classic
5. Harry Potter Movie Marathon - apparently it takes 17 hours to watch all of the Harry Potter movies in a row, and that doesn't include food/potty breaks, and the time it takes to switch dvd's. This will be epic.
6. Pull an all nighter, just because 
7. Paint fight!
8. Bonfire
9. Lemonade stand with Quincy, because she's precious and I'm going to miss her when I leave
10. Eat as many otter pops as I can before I throw up.
11. Chalk a driveway! Any volunteers?
12. Water Balloon Fight!
13. Night Swimming, because, hey, you're only young once right?

In other news, the grandma's are in town and it's been a little crazy around here (by grandma's I mean my grandmothers from both sides of the family). They both came for me and my cousin's graduation... and who knows how long they'll be staying! But there will be pictures eventually. It's just that right now life isn't very interesting becuase of my 7-4 job. Yuck.


June 5, 2013

Let the Adventures Begin

Today my baby sister Quincy graduated from 5th grade! Whoa! I mean, I know I'm a college student and all, but that's just crazy. 

The elementary school she attends has a tradition on the last day of school, all of the parents line up at the back door so that when the 5th graders leave they run through our little football huddle and make it to victory at the end! It's really super cute and so much fun to watch them run out.
Oh and did I mention the silly string?

Yes. There was indeed an abundance of silly string.
Silly string galore.
A plethora of silly string if you will.

So obviously as the 5th graders run out of the school and through our little huddle they get sprayed silly with silly string! So my mom went out and bought tons of silly string for us to knock those 5th graders silly with!

But first the day started with the typical last day of school pictures...

She's just adorable.

Oh the awkward 5th grade smile, where your smile looks like you're somehow in pain. I don't worry though, she'll grow out of that. And In the meantime her real smile is darling so don't be fooled by pre-pubescent awkwardness.

What can I say? A girl after my own heart.

And here comes the 5th graders!

I have no idea who this boy is, I just like the picture because of the silly string.

She sprayed me with silly string. And it got in my mouth.

Oh hey look! There's mom in the background! (pink shirt, on the right)

Besides getting the string in my mouth, it really just got me all over. There was no escaping it.

When we got home, all safe and sound and covered in brightly colored string, Calvin and Lincoln got out the saw and the ladder to chop down some branches of one of our trees that were getting annoying. Calvin couldn't really reach the branches, so naturally he jumped up into the tree with the saw in his hand and cut the pesky things down. Now we just have to figure out how he's going to get down? Because yes, he's still up there. And it looks like our summer adventures have finally begun.


June 4, 2013

That Nine to Five Life

So after much deliberation, pros and cons lists, and headaches, I have decided NOT to take the Vector job.
It was a really good opportunity, I loved the idea of being my own boss, making lots (and lots) of money, and getting some legitimate experience for the future, but the job itself was just to iffy. It wasn't guaranteed, it depended on my ability to sell the product and push myself forward on days when I felt like doing nothing. Also, something more stable came along.
I contacted a temp agency the other day and told them I was looking for work and had been referred to them by one of my friends who had gotten a job through their agency. So today I went in for a small interview and subsequent typing test (which, I mean, come on. I have a blog. I know how to freaking type). They offered me a job on the spot; I'll be working for a local school district in the area typing in information to their data base. I know. It just sounds so fun. 
Good things:
$10 an hour
I get paid every Friday
1/2 hour for a lunch break
lasts 6 weeks

Bad things:
1/2 hour for a lunch break
7:30-4:00pm Mon-Fri
lasts 6 weeks

I will have no life.
I will never see the sun.
I will not get tan.
I will not being going on vacation.
I accept this to be true, and therefore sign my summer vaca away for the sake of money.
I have officially sold my soul. Wish me luck.


June 3, 2013

Vector Marketing

So how many of you have heard of Vector Marketing?
And how many of you have heard that it's a total scam?
Let me tell you my story...

Coming out of graduation, amongst the mobs of people penguin walking in a huddle out of the front doors, there was the lone woman. She was persevering through the crowd handing out letters to everyone in a white or green gown - so naturally she shoved one in my hand. I promptly forgot about the letter until a few days ago when I opened it. I won't copy it down because it was kinda long and you really don't want to read it. It basically said stuff like, "Congratulations! Our company employs lots of students to gain valuable experiences.." blah blah blah blah blah. But the letter never really said anything. There was no basic information, shoot I didn't even know what company it was that printed out this letter and shoved it into my hands.
Sounds like a scam to me!
So I didn't do anything about it, until one of my friends mentioned that she had checked out the website and applied for a job, and was set up for an interview the next day. So I figured, if she's doing it, I might as well, right? Right. So I filled out the mini app online, and not even 2 minutes letter someone called my phone to set up an interview. Uuuhhhhhh..... what starts with SH and ends with ADY? SHADY. Yeah suuuuuuuuuper shady. So this morning before my interview I did my own research on the company.
I found a lot of stuff that said it was all a scam, but just as much saying that it was legit. 
Some sources:

Mostly what I found against Vector seemed to me to be people who tried it out, failed, and therefore hate it. So I decided to go to the interview to see how it went.

It was basically a group interview where a bunch of us sat in the conference room while the manager talked about the company, the expectations, the pay, the perks, etc. Then we were called one by one for a shorter interview. I was literally the last person to be called, but at the end of my short interview I was offered the job! I have to go for some basic training that's about 20 hours and starts this wednesday, thursday, and friday. And I don't get paid for that.
That little radar inside my head keeps going off, and I can't decide whether this is legit or not. Part of me feels like if this is legit, it's a great opportunity to gain some real experience in business and make BANK doing it too (it's $17 per appointment plus commission). And the other part of me is like, either this is too good to be true, or it's legit and I'll get fired within for first few weeks because I suck. 

So right now the plan is that I'll go to the training, see what's up, but still keep looking for a solid job. Wish me luck!