January 31, 2012

Cherry Pie Cupcakes

It has been too long my friends! I have been having a hectic week - school on top of Tech Week for the play (Sense and Sensibility) has cursed me with basically no time. For those of you who don't know, tech week is the week before you perform the show, where all of the technical aspects such as lights, music, curtains, and even costume, makeup, and hair are thrown in. 
I managed to steal a few moments for myself to write this blog post - I hope you find it delicious ;)

My sister has become obsessed with cupcakes.
She's always been obsessed with baking in general, she even started her own pie store (and made about $100! She's 9!) - but cupcakes has become her new passion.

And let's be honest, her latest creations are so delicious that I ate about 8 of them. 

Here's how;
1. She used a yellow cake recipe for the actual cupcake. You don't need to make the cake from scratch, a Betty Crocker cake mix will do just fine.

2. She made a Buttercream frosting;
1/2 cup shortening
1/2 cup unsalted butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons milk
4 cups powdered sugar, sifted
(obviously unhealthy, but so delicious it doesn't really matter)
Mix all ingredients until creamy. Makes enough frosting for aprox 18 cupcakes.
you will need to make a double batch in order to have enough frosting!

3. Once the cupcakes are all frosted, put the remainder of the frosting into a pastry bag

4. Open up a can of cherry pie filling (this is where it gets messy) - and cut each cherry in half! (This took a lot of work)

5. Place cherries on top of the cupcakes, they should stick to the frosting underneath

6. This is where the rest of the frosting comes in. Use a number 47 tip to create the criss crossing lines on top of the cherries. When all of the cupcakes are covered, switch the nozzle to a number 103 to create the "crust" of your cherry pie. 

7. Eat or give away as the mood strikes you

Be warned however, these cupcakes are extremely delicious, and not very healthy. So don't blame me if you get fat from eating them.


January 22, 2012

The Straw the Broke the Camels Back

My camel broke her back today.
She said that it was just an accumulation of things going on in her life that she didn't know how to deal with. 
1. She lost her history textbook. So not only did she not have it over the weekend (which made her hyperventilate and pass out every once in a while(ok not really)), she couldn't study for her in class essay on Wednesday and then her test on Thursday. Oh, and her project due Monday.
2. No one would lend her their textbook. So she felt very friendless over the weekend. (Why is it so hard to lend out a textbook for a couple of hours!? Sheesh! She only needed it for the afternoon!)
3. Her mom took her childhood yellow blankie (she has been threatening to throw it out for some time now, and of course, my camel is very attached to it, so the idea made her cry).
4. Her goals seemed a little overwhelming. She kept on thinking, "How can I do this? How can I get all this done?"
5. She signed up for classes for next year as a Senior. The whole fiasco was super stressful and required 3 different meetings with 3 different counselors and lots of talk about what she wanted to do when she grew up. Which made her felt like she was 6 and all she wanted to say was, "I've been thinking I'll be a princess, or something pretty like that." Or maybe look at her mom and say, "I'm never going to grow up, I'm gonna be 6 forever."
6. Everyone kept on saying, "what interests you? what kind of job can you see yourself having?" This is where my camel differs from other camels. My camel has only ever really wanted to be a mother. All she ever wanted was some little baby camels of her own - a real job never really interested her. (However, she would like to make a "job" out of a hobby!)
7. My poor camel's jaw has been locked since she got her wisdom teeth out in November! And she can't unlock it - and sadly her mother is the type of camel to wait it out and see what happens before actually doing anything about it. So she hasn't been to the dentist to see if she can get it fixed, so it hurts. a lot.
8. My poor camel was feeling irritable Saturday and took it out on her mom and got a very good talking to. Of course, she took the typical teenage route and played deaf for the whole thing, but what he momma camel said hurt because she knew it was true. And she knew she had to fix some things about herself, but she doesn't want to because fixing means growing up and growing up means moving out and moving out means responsibility and responsibility is scary.
9. Saving for college is scary stressful when you don't have a job. holy crap I need a job! Holy crap my camel needs a job! Saving for a job plus needing money to buy clothes so you don't feel stupid every day when you get dressed, and just general buying things that you really kinda need? All of that summed up in one phrase is; I don't know what to do right now so I'm going to cry about if for a little while, then get a hug from mom so that I feel better about my life.

Now can you see why my camel broke her back?
My camel would appreciate some feedback/sympathy for her current situation.

My camel says bi


January 20, 2012

Blog Design 101

Now, I'm not one to talk about blog design.
Mainly because I have no idea what I'm doing... (obviously)

But I definitely have plans for the future look of this blog! I just need the right materials to do it.

That being said, I found the most amazing step by step tutorial of how to design your blog. Sweet Verbana is a very lovely writer and has so many DIYs that I basically start drooling whenever I go online. And she very graciously posted an in-depth tutorial on how she designed her blog! YIPPEE!
So what are you waiting for!? Go check it out!



I made my very own Facebook button with this tutorial!

I'll get it up and running next time I have some spare time (which probably means never, but I'll try)

Glitz it up!

Good news! I found my camera cord :)
Please turn off all cell phones, and enjoy this feature presentation;

I have been wanting to glitz up my shoes for about... ever. 
So when my shoes started to look a little dingy, I said to myself, "Myself, this is a perfect opportunity to glitter your shoes so you can have cool sparkly shoes."
Needless to say, I convinced myself.

I used painters tape, because even though duct tape is pretty much the miracle tape that can do anything, painters tape is specifically designed to absorb paint/wet things.
Plus my mom told me to...

(for some reason this picture hates me, it wouldn't get bigger)
Don't put in to much modge podge, because then you'd have to put in more glitter and you basically end up with a giant bowl of glitter solution, and only one pair of shoes to glitz.
Unless you wanna have a glitter party (which I find totally acceptable, in fact - please invite me!)

Proceed to glitz it up with your glitter solution.
Any paintbrush will do.
Just remember to wash it out after your done!
Or else the glitter will be stuck in that paintbrush forever, and it will be completely worthless.
poor paintbrush.

Two glitter layers and 9 hours later, and you get.... (drum roll please)....
Your very own glitter shoes!

I chose to do a mix up of all these different glitter colors, because I thought it was more versatile that way.
But I've seen it done with only one color, or only two.
Go crazy with your glitter!


January 14, 2012

Well this is awkward

Hmmm... so I recently did a very awesome DIY on my shoes,  and I was all ready to post it up and show you guys, but awkwardly enough, I lost the cord that connects the camera to the computer..... yeah.
This sucks.

But don't worry! Not to fear! I will keep on looking. Pinky promise.
Just be patient, the best is yet to come.


January 12, 2012

Closet Romantic

Yes, it's true, I'm a romantic.
I'm a sucker for love stories, disney movies, romantic comedies, Jane Austen novels, Anne of Green Gables, and summery picnics. 

But I am not talking about me today (i know, weird...).
Today, we are talking about a beautiful artist and her etsy shop, Closet Romantic

Catherine Cambell combines different art mediums to create marvelous works of art... 

She uses ink, paper, and watercolors to create her drawings. I particularly like the integration of all 3 of these mediums, it gives each piece of art a distinct flavor, and style that makes each one unique.

I love the diversity of her work, not only does she use different mediums, but it's like she has an idea in her head, and she builds her art around her idea. There are several different groups of art, one of my special favorites are the groups of work that seem to be very influenced by native american textiles and ideas. 
There is another group that is based around the concept of flowers and nature, and another with nautical influences.

I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.
I know that her work has made me want to do better at my art! 
New Years resolution? I think so :)


January 9, 2012

The IT bag

I have yet another give away to share with you! 

This bag is THE camera bag to have.
Not only is it supes stylish, it's also a THEIT bag.
(supes = my topsy turvy way of saying super!)

Beautiful no?

I'm not gonna lie, I want to win this one too! Because my current camera bag is not suitable for my lovely camera my mom's lovely camera.

To enter, simply click here.


ps - I probably won't be able to update for a while.... I have my French Oral Exam this week! But I have plans for the future ;)

January 4, 2012


I was surfing my favorite websites... (see left side bar a little bird told me...) and I happened to come upon several marvelous give aways that I thought would be worthy to share on my blog ;)

 A colorful blogger is giving away a custom blog design! How cute!
I must admit, I hope to win this one. So don't sign up for it ;)





ALL of these give aways are courtesy of Busy Bee Lauren (another fantabulous blogger whom I love)
You must go to her site to enter these!
(1st is two free bracelets, 2nd is a blog design by Debbie Jo, 3rd  is a custom button ring, and 4th is a free custom blog header)

I hope you win one!  xoxo

ps - I think I'm going to change my blog name (yet again). I swear I've changed it 15 times, but I'm never really satisfied. I'm considering calling it, "HEAR ME RAWR!" (cute huh?) 
what say ye?