April 26, 2012

The West Wing

Let us talk about my new obsession that has prevented me from updating since Monday. I HAVE A NEW SHOW I'M ADDICTED TOOO! 
Yeah, this is bad people. aka - no homeword done, no studying done, no good grades. It's gonna be reeaaaaall bad. 
But this show is so good I don't even care anymore!
Enter: The West Wing.

Yeah ok, I know the picture's not very exciting. Deal with it.

Ok, because I am my nerd self, I honestly can't help but love this show. It's got the best of the best; drama, politics, love connections, happiness, suspense, I mean - what else could you want!? Basically, it's about the inner workings of the White House under a Democratic president. The press conferences, dinner parties, social circles, political upheavels etc that happen. And lemme tell you, it's L-O-V-E-R-L-Y. Especially when you know what's going on so you feel super smart.

Added bonus:
Martin Sheen is hilarious. He just is. I kinda sorta hate his character (aka the Prez), but that's just because sometimes he's a jerk. Especially to the poor VP :(
Dule Hill. HE'S GUS FROM PSYCH! Now can you see why I love this show? IT HAS DULE HILL!
Bradley Whitford is one of THE best actors I've ever witnessed in television. If you seriously want to laugh your heart and eyes out, watch THE GOOD GUYS 
Rob Lowe, who plays Sam Seyborn, is super cute and his character is just the sweetest guy!

Ok, I think I'm done on this subject. But please, watch. Give it a chance!

April 23, 2012

Monday Mornings

Today we're gonna talk about gift ideas! My brothers birthday is coming up, and a few of my friends are also celebrating another year to their repetoire - so I decided it was time to figure out what to get them.
Let's be honest, buying gifts is HARD. But making them? Sooooo much easier! It's personalized and unique - aka puurrfect.
So here are my favorites:

Yes, unfortunately basically all of these DIYs are for girls. Just deal with it, because we all know it's easier to get things for girls than for boys (they're so dog-on picky!)

These are MY favorite gift DIYS, do you have any?


April 18, 2012

The Funnies

Sometimes I spend hours on facebook literally going through pictures. I'll be sittin in the office minding my own business, when I funny pictures shows up and I start cracking up - then my family proceeds to see whats wrong and they find I'm just being my normal crazy self. 
Good times.

You're a Harry wizard.

Can someone do this Hokey Pokey with me? It would be epic-to-the-max.

reason #584 that I SHOULD HAVE AN IPHONE

This is literally the best. I gotchyou smallish child. I know where you're comin from.

Irrational Fear #1
Never sleep with any body limbs hanging over the bed. THE MONSTERS WILL GET YOU.
you have been warned.

I dub thee; Sir Puggles.
And what kind of animal is this? Any ideas? I want to buy one.

uh, why doesn't this happen in real life?

Irrational fear #8

I'm gonna do this next time someone responds with, "K"
Pet Peeve #12

I feel like this is how my papers look :(


Seriously. Why are groceries so heavy!?

Mike Wazowski! (in little Boo voice)

And then she doesn't, and they do, and you stand there awkwardly until she comes back.
Sometimes I feel like she does this on purpose.

True Dat. If my life was like the movie Groundhog, I'd just go around kissing people, eating chocolate, spray paint things just because, and maybe get in a fight or two. Just to say I did.

You are no match for this master.

Everyday I'm shuff, shuffle'in.


I love the people who do this. Number three is my favorite! 

Literal interpretations of Adele songs. 

aka you can't chop it down. It's the platinum version of wood, or something like that.


If this was a shirt, I would buy it.

clocks are people too, guys.

dear man standing on top of a car in a river with nothing but a man-tank top on, actually I have nothing to say. The introduction should be enough of an explanation for you.
Sincerely, disturbed.

Yes small child. You have been fooled.
Don't let it bring you down! You can still achieve greatness.

That is all

April 16, 2012

Monday Mornings

I'm not about to deny it, I love Jane Austen.
If I could have a tea party, she would be NUMBER ONE on my list of people to invite.
So today's Monday Morning is Jane Austen themed, and guys, I've never picked a better theme. I honestly want to have a party in her honor.
Maybe I will!
When's her birthday?

Pride and Prejudice is by far one of my favorites, and even though the older version with Colin Firth comes close to capturing that essence, nothing can immitate such a beautiful story. ugh, don't even get me STARTED on the one with Kiera Knightley.
But the music is delicious, so buy the soundtrack/sheet music and learn to play it! It makes me feel better whenever I'm down in the dumps. Plus is sounds really good and it's super easy :)

Although Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet will always have a place in my heart, Northanger Abbey takes 1st place! Mainly because I AM CATHERINE MORLAND. No joke. She is me, and I am her.
It's kinda freaky actually - me and my aunt were watching the movie and we both decided that Jane Austen basically wrote that book about my future life, because it sounds like something I would do.