May 31, 2013


Nothing quite compares to the anxiety I feel when I spend money.
Going off to college in the fall is huge, and expensive. My parents have generously offered to pay for all of my needs this first year - tuition, housing, meal plan, etc. But spending money is all up to me, and after Freshman year, so is everything else. That fact looms over me daily as I try to find a second job, work at my own job to make money, and try to stop myself from spending the money I've made.
So as of now I have a love hate relationship with spending money.
LOVE getting new things, being fashionable, expanding my wardrobe, looking cute etc.
HATE the anxiety attack that is sure to follow.

And I only bring this up because recently I spent a little bit of money. I mean, I really do need a new swimsuit for this summer (even though the one I fell in love with was a little pricey). And the coconut foam for my hair is a must because naturally curly hair is naturally very dry - so my hair often looks dead and devoid of all life, and I don't want people thinking I never take a shower because my hair looks icky. Teeth whiteners were a must too because I inherited yellowish teeth from my dad (it's really not that bad though, I promise). And that new skirt I just bought is essential to my wardrobe!

How do you deal with your shopping anxiety? Cause I'm at a loss.

May 30, 2013

You Thought I was Dead, Didn't You?

News Flash! Not Dead!
Summer is finally here, and with it, a new surge of excitement for my blog! More to come, so stay tuned!