October 30, 2011

You Don't Scare Me

Happy Halloween!
Halloween is - for some reason - the craziest time of year for my family. We take it more seriously than Christmas.
My mom goes on a bender after Halloween, where she basically buys anything she can get her hands on that she thinks may be possibly useful for next year.
I love her.

We had a church party the other day. My mother helped decorate and plan it, and although it stressed her out, she secretly loved every moment of it. I could tell.

{These were the table center pieces, aren't they cute!?}

My mom and my dad get so into Halloween it's slightly ridiculous with a pinch of insane, and a spritz of awesome.
I really love them.
They're getting ready took more time than me!
[admittedly they're costumes required more makeup than mine, a swipe of lipstick and I was done... there's was slightly longer]

{My Dad and Mom - Dracula and his bride}

And you thought I was exaggerating about my parents.
I don't know where they bought the fake teeth, but it took them at least 10 minutes to get them in their mouths!

{close up - isn't he frightening?}

{proof of their efforts}

My dad talked in his best Dracula voice the whole time, and they won the prize for "best couple costume."
How could they not?
With the preparation they put in, it's hard to say they didn't deserve it!

The party was a hit - and there were some very exciting costumes! But I have to say that my friend Meghan takes the cake. I honestly didn't recognize her for 2/3 of the party, I only realized it was her when she sat down to eat with me! 

{Me (as Rosie the Riveter), and Meghan (Coach Sylvester) - I don't even compare}

Her costume was amazing! And I thought mine was original...
Obviously I have to step it up a notch in order to compete with Meghan. 
Bring It.

Pssst! I'm going trick or treating with my sister tomorrow, so I'll have some good pictures and stories for you then. Ttfn!

October 28, 2011

I'm Probably Going to Regret This

Despite the fact that I've done this before - the whole "I'm gonna write a blog!" thing didn't work out so great for me in the past. Mainly because my life is a hectic maze of school, family, church, home, friends, and theatre.

Most of the time I manage, but throwing a blog into the mix? Never really worked out before.
I've committed to dedicate a portion (all-be-it-a small portion), of my time to making this work!

wish me luck.