August 14, 2013

I'm.... Moving?

Okay. So recently I joined the Tumblr craze. 
Here's my tumblr blog. It's entitled, "W(h)ere we Roam"
For several reasons....
1. when I was making my username I accidentally typed "were" instead of "where" >> which means that the actual URL is and not like I had intended it to be. Awkward. 
2. Yeah that was basically my only reason.

And while I'll still try to update this blog occasionally, I think I'm going to be switching over to entirely the tumblr blog. For a lot of reasons.
1. It's more convenient. The address, the set up, etc
2. I'm more excited to learn how to manipulate html text and possibly make my own template someday!
3. I like that I can reblog things from other blogs, and add in my own stuff as well. 

So I'm not saying that I'm abandoning this website, but I'm in the midst of a potential move. So be prepared, and check me out on tumblr!


August 8, 2013

Percy Jackson Sea of Monster Review Vlog

I've been away! Obviously.
The other day I saw the new Percy Jackson movie, and before I can even get into my ranting, let me show you the vlog I put on Youtube! Link here, or watch it below.