This is me. Madison.

Born in New York, Madison naturally has a bit of sass-a-frass in her. And although the sweet mild tempered Mid-Westeners of Chicago have softened her up a bit, dont' be fooled, she can still kick your a** (don't tell her mother she wrote that).
Madison is one lucky girl, having lived abroad for 3 years she's more experienced with other cultures and thanks her lucky stars she didn't grow up as an ignorant American hick.
She will also be attending Brigham Young University in the fall as a freshman in college (which she is uber excited about), and will be studying (hopefully) History. So that one day she can be a teacher and inspire kids the way her teachers have inspired her. 
She's basically one curly haired, kick-butt kinda girl (with an awesome butt if she does say so herself) having wild adventures...

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