July 27, 2013

Last Week Picture Dump

Basically Girls Camp summed up in a bunch of pictures, that don't even cover a fraction of what happened at Camp. But from them, you can get the general idea of what we do. Which is basically be crazy awesome.

This is how we do.

Service Project swag

Journaling! Holla!

Let's go crazy

My ward is pretty awesome

THE WHOLE CAMP! We're all just silly

The granny's be rappin'

The gorgeous granny's

Polynesian dancing lessons!

All of the girls and leaders

These are our leaders. They're kind of crazy.

See? Everyone loves girls camp!

I have no clever comment for this one. It just is.

Our bones are aching!

Handing out t-shirts

Lots of love and hugs

What happens at girls camp, stays at girls camp

In the pictures you can see what camp is like. We play volleyball, we dress up weird, we laugh, we journal, we have meetings, we take silly pictures...

This year we had different themed days; Hick day, princess day, superhero day, nerd day, and dr. Seuss day. So that's why I'm wearing my prom dress from two years ago. Because it was princess day! And I pulled out all the stops for that one.

The most amazing part of camp (in my opinion) was the service project this year. Normally we do pretty cool things for service projects, but this year was especially awesome. Throughout the summer, the Relief Society of our stake has been sewing feminine pads out of flannel, for girls in Africa. This week all of the girls had the opportunity to sew a bag, and pack it with the supplies. Plus a note from us, and a picture with us holding the bag. In the fall, our Young Womens leader will be traveling to Uganda with her daughter to hand out these bags to the girls in poverty there, where she will take a picture of a girl holding our bag and she'll send it back to us! How amazing is that? These bags and supplies allow girls to stay in school, where they would usually have to skip school for the week when they had their periods. By staying in school they can keep up on their education, instead of dropping out, and make a huge difference in their community. For more information on the project, watch the following video (it always gives me chills), and click this link to the website it mentions.

Ps - if the video isn't working on the blog, click this link for the one on youtube.

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